Thursday, January 28, 2010

to tide you over

I have things to share swirling in my head, but until I have time to get them out, here's a video.

Seriously, that a four month old thinks bodily functions are funny is beyond funny to me!

Friday, January 08, 2010

A letter from me:

Dear Laundry, please hush. I'll attend to you after my cup of coffee.

Dear Samantha, I'm so sorry you have strep, but so proud you can swallow pills! Now you don't have to drink the icky medicine!

Dear Jack, you are a silly boy who talks incessantly...and I love it, mostly :).

Dear Luke, when you laughed as I kissed your feet, my heart swelled with joy. You are a gem, Little Smiley One!

Dear Children of Mine, you make me sooo happy. I love you all for your individuality but today I'm especially thankful for your synchronicity...thanks for taking a nap at the same time.

Dear Michael Wilson, Without you where would I be? 11 years ago tomorrow I made the best decision of my life in becoming your wife. You are a FANTASTIC husband and a true joy to partner with in is this crazy life. May God bless you and fill you and strengthen you as you strive to live up to your potential in all areas of yourself. You are an incredibility talented and gifted man, thank you for sharing yourself with me!

Dear Children of Mine, Know the goodness of your father. May you see the example of love, compassion, grace and mercy he sets before you. May you follow him as he follows the teachings of Christ.

All my love to all of you,

Jamie, your wife and Mama