Friday, June 08, 2007

I've been delayed...

Well, my mother-in-law tagged me which means that I have to now post seven things you may not know about me. I've been delayed in posting this for two reasons (1) I've been REALLY busy with the aforementioned teaching and VBS'ing (2) I'm pretty sure there's nothing that you don't already know. :) But I am going to give my best shot, because I promised Michael I would tag him and he's nagging me about it! hahaha! Just kidding, he did take some playful pot shots at me though!

  1. When I grow up I want to be a Certified Nurse Midwife/Fitness Expert or at the least a REALLY good doula. I really REALLY believe in the power of a woman in her body and in her spirit. A bumper sticker that I saw in my midwives' office sums it up pretty well for me: "Women of earth, take back your birth." I truly believe God created us to be strong and courageous and he programmed our bodies to do what HE created it to do. In my old age (hehe), I am becoming less and less judgemental and more and more determined to make myself fully educated on this topic so that I can educate others. It inspires me! :)
  2. I TRULY enjoy taking long road trips with my children. Don't get me wrong, there are some hairy points in every trip, but I love that I get to show them their world.
  3. Home to me is where my family is. I live three doors down from my parents and I live in the same house as the other "Michael Wilsons." In the four years that we have lived in this house, I have painted (count it with me now...) ONE wall. I have hung some pictures and curtains (where necessary), but I look around and see how (relatively) quickly we could leave here and go to some other home and I would be perfectly happy...'cause I am with my home when I am with Michael, Samantha and Jack.
  4. I have AWFUL washing machine karma. I've been the owner of a washer and dryer set for 4 years (exactly four years ago this month we moved in here! cool!) and I've already had to completely replace one washer. The BRAND SPANKING NEW ONE that we bought in February is already crapping out on me! And here's the nuttiest's the exact same problem (the timer isn't advancing) as the other machine. Truthfully, we are wondering if there is something in the electrical outlet that is shorting it out or something.
  5. In high school, I was the manager and statistician of the varsity volleyball team. I really wanted to play and the P.E. coach talked me into trying out for the team, but when I went it was OBVIOUS to me and her that I wasn't even close to being able to compete with these girls so she asked me if I would be their manager. My parents were cool with it, so I said yes. It was a REALLY awesome time for me as I had just broken up with a long term boyfriend and had virtually NO other friends. I felt extremely out of place, but the girls were sweet and accepted me as much as I put myself out there. I got to letter two years in a row because I was the manager.
  6. I was born in Westin, West Virginia and my mom says that I was the only good thing to come out of W. Virginia...she's a southeast Texas girl through and through. :)
  7. I LOVE to do "projects." The first project I really remember having a major part in was rebuilding what would soon be my first vehicle: a wrecked (by my older brother) Chevy S-10 pickup truck. Craig wrecked it the winter of 1992 (I think) and it sat in my parents drive way until the spring when Dad decided that he and I should fix it up for my first car. It was a stick shift and I was SUPER cool 'cause I could drive it pretty well! :)

Whew! I can't believe I actually came up with seven...hopefully some of them are a suprise to some of you???

Now comes the fun part: Michael and Bob you're IT!