Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Introducing myself again

Hiya! Sorry it's been so long...it's been a crazy time since...May, oh yeah. Hmmm. Guess I've been slacking a bit. Eeeek!

Here's some picts to make you all a bit happier--if you're still reading.

Halloween Pics: The Pit Crew and his Princess

Samantha's first Kindergarten field trip to Oil Ranch Farm
I wish you could know just how bad this baby felt on Friday, but she was dying to go so we made do and popped some Pepto. She must have gotten two short doses of the stomach bug. The rest of us got one harder dose. I'm not sure which I would have preferred her to get as it was a bit worryisome as to why she was "randomly" vomiting!? Anyway, I think we're all better, but look at these pale lips! Sweet baby!

Riding the horse

Jack having his turn to ride. He was only convinced that he should ride when he remembered that he'd already done it once at RoRo's house just last month.

The haymaze was a lot of fun, although Jack got in trouble for "bumping the hay" which was as much fun as anything else we did.The last thing we did was pick out a pumpkin; she looks pleased to me!

The following day, we attended three (holy smokes!) different halloween parties. This picture was taken at the first one. Bless her heart, you can see she's started the parade-o'parties tired. But beautiful all the same.

And finally, my latest baking prowess: two pumpkin pies for Samantha's class to taste tomorrow.

I TOLD you it's been busy!!! :)

Love you all!