Saturday, May 30, 2009

Our first swim of Summer 2009

We had our first swim of the summer today at our local YMCA. They've installed a new "family rec pool" that's about 3.5 feet deep everywhere, except under the slide which brings me to my story. Jack (remember he's only 3) WANTED to do the slide BAD! So, I ask the lifegaurd what the rules on the slide are. To which she replied: just pass the swim test (swim the length of the lap pool without touching the side or the bottom). Okey dokey. I explained this to Jack and he, in his three year old boy way, started rambling on about something else. So, I said, "Son, let me show you what they are talking about and we'll practice." So, we leave the rec pool to go the the lap pool. We get in a lane and this dude swims the entire length of the pool for practice, TWICE.

Finally, the time arrives to actually take the swim test and he does it AGAIN, no problem. A little tired, but he passed. He gets out of the pool and we wait in the line for the wrist band only to be told at that point that he's not tall enough for the slide. WHAT!!!!!????? I had a discussion with them (the life gaurd I had originally spoken to was there and I addressed her) and told them what the life gaurd had JUST told me and they were moderately apologetic. Michael had met up with us at this point and I sent HIM to talk to them, to no avail. The explalantion they gave him was that the slide manufacturer had REALLY emphasized the height rule recently (because they'd been letting kids go in previous years who weren't tall enough...Hello, Samantha!) that littlier kids can get thrown out of the slide because they don't weigh enough.

I was okay with that explanation b/c I really didn't want him to get hurt, but I wasn't very happy with the gaurd that told us otherwise. Michael suggested that they measure kid's heights PRIOR to the swim test so that the kid will know whether they're tall enough or not. DUH!!

Jack cried, I WANTED to cry, but we all got over it, thankfully, and had a super fun time at the Y. We ended at the perfect time because no one cried over leaving...they were as tired and hungry as we were!

And we all now know that Jack's as good of a swimmer as his sister...he just lacks a bit of the focus during class. :)