Sunday, July 01, 2007

And another thing

We went back for the one month check-up with Samantha's allergy doctor and the news on peanuts was not good. They did a blood RAST test which measure allergies on a one to six scale. I am putting a couple of things together when I tell you this, but they count "things" in your blood and the number of things makes you either a one, two, three, etc. But they stop counting at 100, that's too high to count and you are REALLY allergic if they get to 100. Well, guess what? Samantha's a six on peanuts, and they stopped counting at 100. Wooopppeeee! Her levels for pecans and walnuts (tree nuts) was a five. Another wooopppeee!

We're going to do another round of scratch testing (where they literally scratch her back with something that has the allergen on it; nice, huh?) in a month to see where she is with the cats (if they are causing any problems they are Gandhi; just like last summer when we thought they had given Jack cat scratch fever)and some pollen things she didn't respond to last time (when she was two). This should be suuuupppper fun now that she's four. Can you hear the excitement in my voice!?

Bless her little pea picking heart! I really feel terrible for her, but truthfully she's doing great on her Zyrtec and really she isn't a sickly kid. She just has a super hyper vigilant immune system, which messes with her skin.

Oh yeah....I turn 30 this month! AAAAKKKKKKK!!!!

Remember when I said...

I'd bitten off more than I could chew with working and 2 weeks of VBS? Well, I was right--it was too much for all of us. Ends up we've ALL been sick at some point the last two weeks. Nice. Both kids with fever (Jack doing his best to get it REALLY high again), Michael and Jack with snots, mom and kids with tummy troubles, blah, blah, blah. The good news is that I play a pretty cool camel and that we're headed out of town this week to go visit the Great Grandparents in Arkansas.

The first two nights of the camel puppet were downers because you couldn't hear me...not because my mouth isn't big enough, there were just too many kids and the microphones weren't working. But once we got that worked out, nights three and four were a hoot. Spitting and everything. Amy (their children's minister) and I make a really good team. Can I tell you that I miss my friends, my sisters and my brothers at that church? I do like where we are, and I am certain that in time I will grow to love them like I do West U, but I'm not there, yet.

I think Jack is playing the part of a two year old QUITE well. All in one breath he can yell, "I want applejuice; I don't want applejuice; I want applejuice!!!" The cool thing is that there's no response needed from me...I can't get a word in edgewise.

We are learning to use manners when requesting something (he's always been good at saying "thank you").

The "bad pwace" is a nice tool in my tool belt: after he's finished he can TOTALLY tell you why he was put in there: "Because I scream at Mommy" or "Because I hit Sissy and no say I sorry."

He's the sweetest little critter on the planet, but I am certain that Michael is ready for us to do some travelling, 'cause when he's home Jack sticks to him like glue!! Super glue at that.

Well, it's super late and I have a ton to do tomorrow to get us ready for our trip. If you pray, please remember Michael's grandmother as she's having knee replacement surgery tomorrow, pray for Ethan Powell, Bob needs a job (I haven't forgotten that you haven't responded to my tag, yet) and for the sickies in Houston! :)

Later taters!