Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A conversation with Jack

Yesterday afternoon:

Jack: I'm going to wash my hands (he'd been playing in the sand) and go poo poo.
Me: Okey-doke.

minutes later, he comes back in from outside
Jack: I'm going to wash my hands.
Me: ...and go poo poo?
Jack: No, it drained.
Me: Drained? Did you go poo poo in your underwear?
Jack, very annoyed with me for asking such an intrusive and belittling question: NO!
Me: Well, then where did your poo-poo drain?
Jack: There's poo-poo in the sandbox.
Me: You poo-pooed in the sandbox?
Jack: NO! The dogs did it.
Me: So, where's your poo-poo?
Jack, very matter of factly and non-chalantly: It drained.
Me: So, you don't need to go anymore?
Jack: Nope!
Me: Okey-doke.

Who knew that "drained" meant the feeling passed? Obviously not me! Kids are weird!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pepperoni rolls

Michael clued me into one of his Internet friends, Debby, a long-while back. A short-while back, Debby posted about making pepperoni rolls (she even gave a pictorial tutorial here), a comfort food in their family. Loving my husband like I do and loving our Bible class like I do, I took it upon myself to bake pepperoni rolls for breakfast tomorrow. Here are the before pics (I'm hoping that they're rising like Debby says they will):

I have no idea if I did them right. But it's bread dough wrapped around pepperoni and mozzarella, so really, how bad could they be, right!?

Happy Easter, everyone. We are blessed EVERY day with a God that's good. May you feel it with all the fullness of His being tomorrow.