Monday, May 12, 2008

May's adventures

So, two Thursdays ago (May 1st) Samantha's pre-school class took their final field trip together. Having a Mommy-panic-'cause-my-baby's-growing-up moment, I decided to give up one of the few Tuesday/Thursday Mommy times I have in May and go with her to the Aquarium.

We saw some pretty cool aquatic life. This octopus was really into showing off for us! All over the glass the whole time we were in the room. We also got to see a Moray Eel and a Large Mouthed Bass which are in Veggie Tale Music that we listen to constantly in the van. Now she has a good visual of what those animals are!

This "deep sea diver" suit was in a room where we got to touch tiger sharks (if you were fast enough) and sting rays. Isn't she a cutie!?

I am sooo glad that I went, because as much as I want her to grow up and be successful and brave and strong and confident, it was heart warming and reassuring that she still does need her mommy. The first request for Mommy, came on the train that takes you through the "property." There is a mechanical shark that "jumps" out of the water at you. Apparently he's supposed to be frightening, but mainly (and Samantha agreed) he's just annoying.

We got to ride the carousel TWICE! Wow! That was a big hit!
The MOST fun of the day was right before lunch: sprinkler time. They all got to play for about 30 minutes in a fountain area. As you can see by this smile she approved!


My other cutie-patootie, reading before breakfast last week.

A quick potty update...he's pooped on the potty at least once each of the last three days!! Yeah, Jackie boy! I'm pretty sure he's doing some of his business, but not nearly "cleaning the pipes." That's ok though because we used to celebrate the three tinkles he'd do and now he's blowing out the porcelin...just like his daddy! :)


Our ugly new additions.

Today I was on the phone and the person I was chatting with had asked me earlier if we had baby birds, yet. I said no and continued on with our conversation, walking around outside, doing my typical Mommy multi-tasking. So, I peep my head over the nest just to see the eggs and up pop these three yellow mouths! I screamed bloody murder! Scared me to death as I was totally expecting eggs still. After the inital shock, we hip-hip-hoorayed. The kids had to have at least three turns looking at them, blah, blah. My one lasting impression: Dude, baby birds are nasty looking!!! Eeew!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Houston additions...

Last year my dad put this old basket in our tree in hopes that we would get some feathered visitors. We mostly forgot about it although it was in plain view. On Saturday we were playing in the backyard and much to our suprise there was a nest in our little basket! We couldn't have been more happy! And then on Tuesday we got an even BIGGER suprise. Eggs! We'll be watching and let you know how this turns out. Anybody know how long mockingbird eggs incubate??

Another fun addition to our family: an official reader. Samantha is quite the reader. She concentrates very hard and this is the result:

As she reading the page, she's absent mindedly curling the right page's corner. We can always tell whether she's been to that page or not! :)

I got to go to the Aquarium today with her class...I'll post pics of that this evening!