Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What is this world coming to?

Three posts to my blog in one day!? What in the world!? AND it's snowing in HOUSTON, TEXAS! What???

Here are picts for proof:
White dots on my hair and shoulder
This is an old couch cushion someone dumped in the empty lot next to Mom and Dad's house

White dots on the puppy

White flecks on Samantha's hair and jacket

And snow sitting on our gate

Christmas project

I have wanted an "Advent Calendar" for my kiddos as long as I've had them and this year I finally had the extra cash to buy one this year! I was looking through the Pottery Barn Kids catalog in November and decided that I would buy this. But being late to the party as usual, when I arrived on December 1st to the store to purchase the long awaited new family tradition, they were, of course, wide out, no more to be made this year out. It was a MAJOR bummer, as I was already a day late of course.

So, I have decided to MAKE my own Countdown to Christmas Calendar. I am still not finished, but it has all the things I'm looking for: large pockets (other calendars I found had teeeeeeny-tiny pockets; HEEELLLOOOO! How can you fit any sort of gift in that thing, much less gifts for more than one kid??? Anyway...). And I can't wait to hang it on my wall. I'm getting closer, so I thought I'd post picts of my handy work. Enjoy!

It's in the shape of a snowman and each of the pockets have the numbers free-hand embroidered. Green pockets have white thread and white cording across the top. Red pockets have blue numbers and blue cording.

Once I get the pockets attached, I'll move on to his face. I'm invisioning blue button eyes, a carrot nose and maybe brown stick hands.

All's clear on the ECHO front

Jackie had his Echo on Monday morning. He was NONE too pleased about the process, although all it involved was laying on a bed watching TV for half and hour. He even agreed to a spanking rather than laying on the table...for a minute. :)

The doctor wasn't in on Monday to read the results to me, so he called last evening to tell me that everything was normal. No hole in his heart, no mitral valve prolapse...nothing. He would like to have him re-listened to in a couple of years.

Yeah!! We say thank you to God for walking with us down this potentially scary path! Thank you to all of you that prayed with us for Jack's seems to be perfect, just like our boy!