Monday, February 23, 2009

They're growing up...

I only have a few seconds before I fall into a deep afternoon slumber, but I wanted to get this post started. For a long time, I've been keeping a list of things in my head that are markers for the children growing up. Here's a brief list (one I hope to continue adding to).

  1. Jack: Went into the dentists office today BY HIMSELF with not ONE tear shed. Utterly amazing to me. He must have asked the hygenist 15 times, "Are we done, yet?" and I did hear one, "I want to go see my mom." but not nary a tear! So proud of you today, Jack!!

  2. Samantha has her first loose tooth. It got loose about 3 weeks ago, but it's still hanging in there. Her permanent tooth is well on it's way to being fully in behind the baby tooth, so the dentist said it needs to be out this week.

  3. Jack can turn on any light switch in the house without a stool.

  4. Jack can get himself totally undressed and dressed!!

  5. Samantha is standing up for herself in school! There's a little boy who "loves" her and has talked her into buying her lunch...except she doesn't "like the way Herod Elementary cooks their lunch" so she's moved back to bringing lunch. I'll tell you it was SO AWESOME not having to pack her lunch each morning, but it was EVEN BETTER to hear her tell the little boy, "I didn't trick you, I just changed my mind!" Thatagirl, change you mind, any time!!

I have more floating in my head, but I need to rest before I miss my chance. Baby "So-and-so" is taking quite a bit of my energy!!

UPDATE: It's out! It's out!