Thursday, May 24, 2007


What a day! What a day! Samantha has pretty yucky she'll claw off her feet when they get fired up. Well, we ran out of the Rx hydro cortisone cream so off we went to the Allergy Doc today to get a refill (we hadn't been in 15 months so they wouldn't call one in for us). He wasn't really thrilled to see us in that her allergies aren't getting any better and when they don't grow out of them it generally turns to asthma and starts internalizing and affecting the pulmonary system...not news the mommy wanted to hear. We're going for a blood test this afternoon so that we can start monitoring the levels of her allergies for future reference.

We came home with Zyrtec twice a day (an adult dose), two different creams (one for her face and one for her body) and one more over the counter, general body cream. Yikes!

The good news: "God protects the children" the doctor said. That was in reference to her reaction to nuts; he said that the life threatening responses don't normally start until around twelve--until then they normally throw it up and break out in hives. Another good thing is that since Jack decided to get intasesseption twice and stay overnight at TCH we've met our deductible for the year so the entire rest of the year is covered for all of us...Rx and Doctors! YAHOOO!

Michael also got good and bad news yesterday on his eyes. His right eye is still very dry and made no progress this last month, so they (the doctor who did the lasik surgery) referred him to the dry-eye specialist in Houston. Lucky for us our health insurance will cover it so we are definitely going to take them up on this new treatment plan.

Finally on the doctor front, Jack's "puncture wound" bill came in and the Doctor's visit alone was $126!!! That was ONE HUNDRED TWENTY SIX DOLLARS for 5 minutes and half of that time was spent filling out paperwork. It took literally 1 minute to put the Dermabond on and I think it took one and a half minutes for the nurses and I to blow his head dry. Dude...that's a lot of money for $ I called them today to see if they'll reduce it. I have my fingers crossed.

Well, that's been my's yours?? :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Where's Redwifey?

Well, a lot of places actually! Sorry it's been so long since I've's been a bit more nutty than usual. In late April, I agreed to teach the two year old class at the Mother's Day Out where Samantha and Jack attend. My friend, the Director, was in a bit of a pinch and made a desperate call asking me to finish the school year out for her. She's pulled me out of a few pinches so I immediately said yes. Yesterday was the last day of school, and I was glad for that.

The trick is that before I agreed to teach in May, I agreed to teach in the summer program. It's only three hours a day instead of five like the normal school year. This works out a lot better for me because I can come home and catch a few minutes of Mommy-time while the kids are resting. All of this works out to mean little to no Mommy time this summer, but Michael's taken care of that already!

I got the BEST Mother's day present I've ever gotten: a four day trip by myself to my best friends house in Arkansas!!! I'm saving it for the end of June (I think) after VBS is over. Which leads me to my next topic: VBS.

I am currently heavily involved in our new church's VBS planning (as in I got the curriculum for them from our old church and now I'm helping them implement it) and in our old church: they have a puppet show at the end and I'm the puppet. Last year I was a fish puppet and this year I'll be a camel. Oh yeah, I found out yesterday, that I'll be in the two year old class with Jack at our old church. Ohhhhh doggy!

I may have bitten off a little more than I can chew, but at least I have a wonderful husband that has agreed that our Maria (my house cleaner and my sanity saviour) can come weekly and not bi-weekly. Thank you Michael!!!!!

Oh yeah! We also had Michael's family two weekends in a row. It was GREAT to have both of them (Grandparents and Parents) in our home. We don't have a ton of room in our home, but we squooshed everyone around and no one slept on the floor so I think it was doable for the weekend?

This past Monday, I took the kids to get their teeth cleaned...there was plenty of crying and pinning Jack down, but we got the job done...and afterward they were beggggging to go swim at the Y. So, in my best flexible-let's-have-fun-Mom voice I said, "SURE!" and I can tell you that we will definitely be doing that again. It was SSOO fun, and Samantha had the best spirit when we had to leave. I was super-duper proud of her.

Well, we're back in the pool today for swim class, so I've gotta get ready and packed. Later taters!!