Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Samantha's latest feat...

It's actually related to her feet: she tied both of her shoes today all by herself!! I was getting ready in my room this morning and she comes flying in with both shoes double knotted and as proud of herself as she can be!! I can't vouch for the perfectness of her knot, but I will say that they stayed tied through the entire outing (a birthday party) so that gives her an A in my book!

We called Michael at work so she could tell him and I heard her say, "It makes me feel all grown up!" What a big day for her! Mommy was as proud as she was!!

The birthday boy's mommy took a picture of her when we got there and I am hoping she'll send it to me so I can post it here!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Houston happenings...

Sorry it's been such a long time since my last post (Uncle Bob!), but things have been a bit crazy.

I've been to Portland, OR to meet my brother's first baby girl. She's absolutely adorable and has the funniest, busiest legs you've ever seen on a baby! This was my first "Mommy by herself" trip that I've ever taken. It didn't start out so well (lost my keys...which I still haven't found, misplaced my purse, cried when I left the kids, etc, etc) but it improved very quickly once I got on the plane. Craig and Renata are hopelessly in love and are spoiling her rotten which is to be expected and encouraged!

The following weekend the kids and I left Daddy at home to travel to Michael's nephew's birthday party in Springdale, AR. We had a really fast but great trip. The kids were like angels on the drive, and endured beautifully not being able to watch videos. The video players we'd previously purchased weren't the highest quality and have pretty much pooped out, despite PawPaw's best efforts.

I am not sure how Adam's birthday has become such a to-do, but Matt and AJ are SPECTACULAR hosts and we had an enormously fun time connecting with Michael's extended family. This maybe our last time to be able to make this trip as Miss Samantha starts Kindergarten this fall.

I am pretty sure Samantha's favorite part of this trip was Great calling her "Catfish" and finding her under the coffee table. And Jack's favorite was Adam's Thomas Tunnel. That kid just couldn't get enough!

After visiting a gymnastics facility for Adam's party, Samantha put on the full court press for taking classes at the Little Gym. No longer able to put her off, especially since we drive past it at least three times a week when we go to the YMCA, I called and signed them up for classes. They are BOTH loving it more than I thought possible. And it's a skill set and body work that we haven't done with them so it's good for them to be exposed to something new.

And don't you worry; we haven't given up swimming twice a week. They're both doing really well. Samantha's working pretty hard on the breast-stroke which takes a TON of coordination. And Jackie-boy has just passed his float tests. I wasn't totally sure that he was ready, but his teacher seemed to think it was fine, and she was right. He did AWESOME! I was a bit nervous the first two times but did manage to remember the camera for test #2 and #3. They are the videos you see below.

For those that don't remember or don't know the float test is laid out like this: they do it three times with progressively heavier clothing, to mimic summer clothes, fall clothing and winter clothing. They can pass by either floating to the side of the pool or floating for 5 minutes.

[\end Mommy's bragging]

Tomorrow is cowboy day at school so there will be biscuits and gravy for breakfast, a small petting zoo, a horse/pony/donkey/some pack animal to ride, and tons of Texas cowboy crafts. It should be lots of fun and hopefully we'll get lots of good pics for me to share before Samantha turns six! :)