Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Luke speaks and Jack spells

I was lucky enough to catch some of Luke's very earliest purposeful talking. So sweet.

Jack spells something...not sure what, but he'll come up and say, "Mommy, what does this spell?" and then proceed to string a bunch of random letters together. Thought maybe some of you brilliant people can figure it out.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

An update on everyone

Starting with the youngest to the oldest...


I hope I don't look as tired in real life as I do in this picture!!

Luke enjoys the wrap as much as I enjoy wearing him around.

Jack and I found this cool praying mantis yesterday at my mom's house!! He's pretty cool!

My boy loooves him some scooter!

She had the day off from school on Monday Sept 28th so we headed to the zoo with some friends. It was NOT fall weather like the previous week...definitely still summer. :( Notice Luke...that's all he did at the zoo! Notice on the carousel and in the praire dog tunnels that it's not my kids waving at me...they didn't even notice I was there. Thank goodness for our friend (also named Luke) who WAS paying attention!

In other news, Samantha got her first babysitting gig this week. She watched Luke on the bed while I dried my hair. She rocked it! :)