Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Walking the line

September has been a big month for sweet baby Luke. He turned 1, he now has three teeth and he's learning to walk. Here's some video from this morning:

I know that I owe you birthday pics and pics from our Galveston Vacay over Labor Day weekend. I promise: this week!


Debby said...

Oh, it just seems so impossible that he is one already. I love the look on his little face.

MamaRose said...

OH, MY GOODNESS--I had NO IDEA he was starting to WALK, YET!!!!!!!!!
And, TALK--WOW!!!!!!!!!

LOVED the video--with your doggies in it, too--somehow they seemed to SENSE SOMETHING BIG was going on, didn't they????!!!!!!!!!

Can't wait to get down there & 'help' him WALK TO ME!!!!!!!!! And, catch up with Jack's & Samantha's school years, etc.!!!!!
Won't be too long, now--just 10 SHORT DAYS from now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even though I GET 2 bags--they BOTH have to WAY LESS than 50 lbs. EACH, so I think I need to START planning what to take/pack & not take/pack, like TOMORROW--and, also try to find my LIGHTEST suitcase, to start out with!!!!!!!!

It SEEMS like I'm going into this--my FIRST TRAIN RIDE--not knowing enough/very much--I'm just HOPING that there are LOTS of HELPFUL FOLKS on board or at Amtrak who will have 'PITY' on a first-timer & TELL ME everything I NEED to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HEY--GOOD NEWS--the air FLOATING in my left eye is GOING DOWN & it's ALMOST 'down' to my PUPIL--to where I can/COULD SEE out of that eye, NOW--so, I'm HOPING that it will be WAY BELOW my pupil by the end of next week & I'll be able to SEE OUT OF BOTH EYES--for my trip & drive down to Houston & back!!!!!

I told/showed Larry over the weekend--on our trip down to Rogers, at night on Friday--it's like where like 'line' kinda floats up & down--to where your LIGHTS of your car SHOW OUT TO & then, when/where it is/turns dark, again--in my eye--kinda like that!!
So, he'd have SOME kind of idea!!!!

MUCH LOVE & HUGS & KISSES TO YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RoRo