Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Lord Jesus Christ

For several weeks Samantha and Jack have been leading our prayer for supper, most of the time it's a chain prayer minus the chain. Samantha has added two different and cute phrases into hers and Jack is now copying Sissy. "Thank you for the Lord Jesus Christ" and "Thank you for this food that nourishes our bodies." Thank goodness she doesn't say "Father God" otherwise you all might think we've become Baptists! :)

Not until yesterday were we really ready for school to start. I don't know what changed, but I felt like it happened for both Samantha and me. We've had a really good summer together, but now it's time for Mommy to have a little Mommy-time and Sissy to have some Sissy-time.

Until yesterday, I was fighting charges on Jack's medical bills from the intusesseption back in April. I finally got someone to tell me what two charges were, they had different (but similar) names cost the same. Come to find out we paid $567 for Barium and $567 for the Enema...for three vials of barium we paid $567. I find that to be excessive especially since on the 2nd time we had the procedure it was done with air which thankfully cost us nothing (the air, that is). So, yesterday I was ALL HOT and BOTHERED, until it dawned on me that we had charges well over our deductible (amazing considering how high our deductible is) so we would have paid that money anyway, whether it was for Barium or Doctors or Medicine, it's still $$ out of our pocket. So I have officially relented and am going to leave this topic alone until next year when we have to start our deductible again.

I recently finished "The Kite Runner" and I really enjoyed reading it. The subject matter was tough for me, but seeing the main character find redemption was rewarding. It taught me some more about Middle Eastern culture...of which I know very little.

Now I've moved on the Harry Potter -- The Half Blooded Prince so that I can remember what happened before I move on to the final book. Michael got book 7 for his birthday, but if he doesn't get busy reading it, I'll have to steal it off his nightstand!

Praying, part deux
Baby Ethan seems to be struggling pretty good right now. If you pray, would you please include him in your prayers.

Later taters!

Monday, August 20, 2007


We've been using the "naughty place" (thank you Super Nanny) with Jack for several months now, but lately we've not been getting the correct answer for "Why did you go to the naughty place?" His de facto answer is, "Because I scream at Mommy/Daddy."

Tonight the offense was drinking the bath water. He'd been told MULTIPLE times to stop doing it and he kept after it. So, Daddy pulled him out of the tub and Mommy rinsed his head in the shower (not his favorite). After rinsing, we (mainly I) was trying to discuss with Jack why he'd been pulled out of the tub. He gave his standard answer (because I scream) and I informed him that it was not that, but that he kept drinking tub water. He looked at me dead in the eye and said, "Dat's not fa-ir." How I kept it together after that I don't know, but we finished the talk with no laughing outbursts and he got a drink of water out of the CLEAN cup from the sink.

The other conversation that we've been having lately is about monsters under the bed...thank you Chick-fil-a. Chick-fil-a handed out the "Junie B. Jones and the Monster Under Her Bed" audio book. It has become a favorite of Samantha's and although he isn't scared while he's listening to the story it MUST be having an impact on Jack because he mentions it two or three times during the day.

Bless his little pea-pickin' heart!

Our MOST exciting thing coming up is this Sunday we are taking the kids to see The Wiggles concert...and they have NO idea! We're keeping it a secret until after their nap on Sunday (otherwise they'll be unbearable to live with this week). We really have become quite the Wiggles fans lately. This summer we have purchased 3 music cds and 1 (soon to be two) DVD. I am thinking I'll be figuring out a dog bone for Wags and roses for Dorothy undercover this week. Should be fun!

Gotta run! Later taters!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Cool calendar sayings

Michael buys me a daily calendar for my kitchen every year at Christmas. This year's calendar was about being a mom. I have trouble keeping up with it everyday, so once or twice a month Michael will tear off a bunch, leaving the good ones for me to read. The last "catch-up day" I had the honors of selecting the ones I liked the most and I thought I would share them with you.

There's no way to be a perfect mother, and a million ways to be a good one. Jill Churchill

Phyllis Diller claims her husband Fang called the hospital to report she was in labor. The nurse asked him, "Is this her first child?" "NO," Fang answered. "This is her husband."

One evening, Carly's husband Sean received a phone call requesting he attend an important business meeting the following morning in New York. It meant e would miss their daughters Tali's soccer game. He quickly packed, kissed Carly and their sleeping seven-year-old goodbye, and drive to the airport. The next evening, Sean, who was the volunteer assistant coach, called to find out how Tali and her team did. With Carly and Tali on the phone, they told him the team had won. Sean said, "I'm sorry I couldn't be there." Tali replied, "That's okay, Daddy. I told the team that you left us in the middle of the night."

There is a power that comes to women when they give birth. They don't ask for it, it simply invades them. Accumulates like clouds on the horizon and passes through, carrying the child with it. Sheryl Feldman

When asked what love is, six-year-old Clare said, "It's when Mommy gives Daddy the biggest piece of chicken, and he gives her the biggest piece of chocolate cake."

Hope these give you a chuckle and/or a bit of inspiration for the week ahead!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Bronchitis, vacation, and allergies

Well, it's official: all the coughing and fever at the lake is indeed bronchitis. Tuesday night I started running fever for the second time (it had been a week since I ran it the first time) and was informed that if I didn't agree to go willingly to the after hours clinic that I would be hogtied and forced to go by the three adults surrounding me. Needless to say, I went willingly.

The triage nurse said, "I can hear you wheezing from over hear!" and last night as I was laying in bed Michael could hear the paper-crunching noise emitted as I breathed. Apparently, I really was/am sick! Who woulda thought!? :)

Can I just say that we had the most wonderful time on vacation? The only glitch we as a family unit experienced was Jack's sleep disturbances. Not sure why, but he would wake up and cry out for any number of things: Mommy, Daddy, Sissy, etc, etc. And he would do it for hours!

We've discussed several times: "What was your favorite part?" and I think my absolute favorite part was seeing Samantha enjoy the lake so much. Once she figured out that her life jacket was going to keep her afloat, she must have jumped off the dock into the water 100 times. She loved it! And she was totally set to try tubing behind the boat, but the water was too choppy that evening and it was our last night together so we'll have to try it another time. I LOVE to see her so brave and trying new things especially in the water as it is a pretty big fear of mine.

AJ has all her pictures already up, but I am not nearly as fast as she is. They are downloaded and edited on the desktop, but I am stuck on the couch with my laptop (that bronchitis thing ,you know). Pictures will come soon, I promise!

Tuesday morning was a "testing" appointment for Samantha to look at Fall allergies, and things she tested negatively to last time, and things like cats and dogs. She tested positive for quite a few airborne allergies, cats, and a major one (that she was negative on at 2 years old) was dust mites. He was fairly concerned about her being on the "allergic march" from food allergies, to airborne pollens to respiratory trouble like asthma. But since she's only had one ear infection in two years and no other respiratory illnesses, he was encouraged NOT to put her on the weekly immuno therapy shots.

The kicker of the entire appointment came when Doc casually mentioned her being off her Zyrtec for the testing and I freaked out...I had totally forgotten to discontinue use of her meds. So, let me connect those dots for you: she had major reactions to several things WHILE she's taking her allergy medicine (an adult dose), which should have knocked everything down and suppressed any reaction. It was really sad for me to figure out how allergic she is; I had tears in my eyes for the rest of our discussion.

The other big thing of this appointment was how brave she was. She cried as the nurse scratcher her back and poked her arm, but she NEVER tried to pull away from me and she only screamed once or twice. Once the scratching/poking was done she stopped crying and we went on to watch the movie she'd picked out. She's an AWESOME girl!!

Think that's all from here for now!

Later taters!